API Capacitors can provide capacitor solutions for all variants of Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives. Be it a volt source (VSI) or current source inverter (CSI), DC converter or Cycloconverter types.

Such drives can be found in a variety of applications, including marine propulsion systems, rail traction systems and other static industrial fields.

Metallised film capacitors are the preferred choice for these applications where long life is an important consideration. This aligns well with API Capacitors philosophy – “Fit & Forget”. Medium Voltage Drives are a big investment, so it makes perfect sense to install a quality capacitor, which will have been designed and manufactured in the UK, giving reliable service and excellent performance.

Industrial Drive capactors

API Capacitors can offer a variety of dry, and oil filled capacitor variants to support both older and newer drive types. Our custom design solutions also allow us to produce capacitors which can be used to replace life expired units from other manufacturers which have either gone out of production or become obsolete.

Our capacitors can be supplied with a variety of terminations to suit integration into the power system. Enclosure types can be manufactured from a variety of materials and shaped to suit the application. If you have a particular topology in mind, this can be factored in during the design stage.

For more information, please give us a call or email our team. Should you have a specific design in mind, you can pop your specification requirements into our online enquiry form.