Following the sad news regarding ICAR’s liquidation we are certain there will be some purchasers struggling to fulfil their requirements.

Whether you are struggling to purchase replacement capacitors to repair existing equipment or have specified an ICAR capacitor for a new piece of equipment, we can help.

ICAR is a manufacturer of capacitors and other electrical components. While we have always been able to design and supply swap in alternative capacitors for ICAR models (any many other OEMs), in light of the recent news, we feel this service will be particularly useful.

Our ability to design bespoke capacitors to customer requirements and our flexibility to be able to manufacture capacitors means we are an ideal supplier for replacement parts. Our design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to reverse engineer any existing product from an engineering drawing, 3D model or the product itself. We have vast experience helping customers solve obsolescence problems by providing exact replacements via an alternative source.

We have designed and supplied capacitors for a broad range of sectors including rail traction, power generation, marine propulsion, pulsed power and many more.

Whatever your application is, we can design and manufacture a product. If you have an outstanding project, or a new project in the pipeline please get in touch with a member of our sales team as we would be happy to advise.