API Capacitors wins Central Line overhaul project contract with London Underground

APIC won the contract with London Underground to replace the capacitors in the Central Line’s dated, unreliable DC traction systems with modern AC traction packages. Currently, almost £8million per year is spent repairing the existing traction motors. By completion in 2022 the AC traction and DTS elements of the overhaul project combined will see:

1. An annual reduction of 836 service affecting failures attributed in the CuPID database to ‘Central line Fleet’, saving 631k Lost Customer Hours with a social benefit of £5.4m per year.
2. An annual reduction of £8m in fleet maintenance costs (£6m material and £2m labour).
3. A net annual reduction in modelled energy consumption of 11GWh, valued at £0.7m, and an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 5,000 tonnes, with a social value of £23k.

Our bespoke designs and specialist abilities in obsolescent capacitors made us the perfect contender for this project.