What is polychlorinated biphenyl?  It is an oil that was extensively once used in transformers, capacitors and other electrical products as an insulating oil or dielectric fluid.  It had very good thermal characteristics and excellent electrical insulating properties.  However, they are highly toxic, they do not degrade naturally, and when burned produce even nastier byproducts.  These oils are also potentially injurious to health if subjected to prolonged exposure.  

API Capacitors Ltd can offer a solution to our stakeholders that have capacitor products on their premises or infrastructures that may still contain PCB oils.  Generally, most products will be labelled as containing PCB or in some cases one of numerous brand names which these oils were marketed under by various different  manufacturers.  Whilst API cannot dispose of products containing these oils, API can provide a retro-fit or drop in replacement capacitor product for many applications where a PCB filled capacitor was once used.  

Recently API has assisted a major transport operator in London and replaced a number of polychlorinated biphenyl oil filled capacitors used on maintenance trains.  These capacitors were of a bespoke design, and the team at API engineered a small batch of custom built replacement capacitors that are environmentally friendly in nature.

alternatives polychlorinated biphenyl capacitor
API Environmentally Friendly Replacement Capacitor
Original Capacitor