Mexico’s metro system is the second largest in North America, after the New York City Subway, transporting 1.41billion passengers annually.

STC’s main objective was to reduce operating costs including costs related to energy consumption and maintenance costs as well as improving customer service regularity on this line. Having being built between 1982 and 1984 using the traction technology which was available at that time. The trains were now between 25 and 27 years old therefore much of the technology being used was obsolete and underperforming.

In order to reduce costs but still achieve the advantages of a modern traction drive, rather than completely replacing the existing systems, the 150 sets of traction equipment was modernised by the means of an overhaul. Components which were in good working order re-used and unreliable or obsolete parts were to be replaced.

The overhaul was a success resulting in over 35% energy savings achieved, 10% higher than the proposed goal. The reliability of trains has increased as has customer satisfaction and the amount of maintenance was greatly reduced as a reduction in shocks and vibrations, notably in the motor was achieved thanks to continuous power modulation.

API Capacitors were awarded the contract to replace all of the underperforming DC capacitors with modern, high-functioning DC capacitors. Our design engineers were able to design a bespoke replacement capacitor to fit in to place in the existing traction systems with a greatly increased functionality. Our expertise in obsolesce enabled us to do this with ease.